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Saturday, April 21, 2018

About us

Stephen Law, Provost Stephen Law

Stephen Law


Stephen Law is Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at Heythrop College, University of London. He is also editor of THINK: Philosophy for Everyone, a journal of the Royal Institute of Philosophy (published by Cambridge University Press). Stephen has published numerous books on philosophy, including The Philosophy Gym: 25 Short Adventures in Thinking (on which an Oxford University online course has since been based) and The Philosophy Files (aimed at children 12+). Stephen is a Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts. He was previously a Junior Research Fellow at The Queen’s College, Oxford, and holds B.Phil and D.Phil degrees in Philosophy from the University of Oxford. He has a blog at www.stephenlaw.org. Stephen Law was appointed Provost of CFI UK in July 2008, taking on overall responsibility for the organization, and particular responsibility for putting on talks and other educational events and programmes.

Committee Members

  • Blaise Egan
  • John Adams
  • James O’Malley
  • James Garvey
  • Christopher French
  • David Nash
  • Sid Rodrigues

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